Wood Engraving In Photoshop

Manipulating Wooden Textures Easily

Me and a friend have been working on a concept for a new idea, we figured that as it will be wood related ( that's all i can say really) then we need a logo that is engraved or is interacting with wood in some way to relate to the theme of the project. This effect is great as it is one of those where a slight tweak in settings can really change the outcome of the engraving. Using the tools Photoshop has to offer we can easily create a wood engraving with a really cool grainy effect. Follow along with me by watching the video tutorial below and son't be a pen tool and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Project File 1 – Tree With Transparent Background Saved As a .PNG

You can engrave almost any image onto wood in Photoshop as you can see from the image above. This method applies to engraving text into wood too, i explain how in the video.
wood engraving photoshop tutorial

Project File 2 – Plain Wood Texture

Similarly flexible, you can use pretty much any wood grain effect. Even ones that are not direct facing or at an angle, you can adjust the text or image using transform and warp. In the video tutorial we cover front facing wooden textures.
wood engraving photoshop tutorial

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