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Photoshop in all of its glory is difficult even in the eyes of masters, implying we've got to seek out new & inventive ways around fickle issues. Guaranteed time eater with no guaranteed results. Here’s some unbelievable free Photoshop plugins to increase productivity and decrease stress levels. ( Links open in new window )

Virtual Photographer

Created For: Beginner Photographers

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Allows you to instantly apply top quality, skilled photographic designs to your digital images. This Free add on comes with plenty of alternative effects to realize identical professional-looking pictures that would normally eat up hours of daylight.

Perfect Effects 9

Created For: All Level Photographers & Designers

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Perfect Effects 9 is a free handy tool for obtaining fast results on a picture, whether or not that is a color treatment, addition of texture and noise, or inventive borders. The plugin options associate with a degree effects library (a bit just like the filter gallery in Photoshop) and permits you to stack multiple effects to attain attention-grabbing new results.

Wire Worm

Created For: Retouch Editors, Photographers

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Wire Worm is a completely a free plugin with one straight forward purpose, reducing time spent removing telephone wiring, fences and similar obstructions in your pictures. The interface is easy, permitting you to pick a section around a wire or alternative obstruction and have the tool mechanically take it away.

Tych Panel

Created For: Intermideate Photographers

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Tych Panel is a wonderful plugin which simplifies creating beautiful images in Photoshop. You can create Double, Triple and Quadruple panels, select the alignment layouts columns or rows and watch as it works its magic. This program isn't recommended for new Photoshoppers but with a little time learning, pretty much anybody could pick up this tool and the time spent learning will seem like mere seconds, after realizing the potential of time saved editing.

Freeware Boundary Noise Reduction

Created For: Noise Reduction Specialists

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Photoshop has it's own in built version of Noise Reduction which is impeccably good in itself, there is always a little bit extra that you could do though right? This plugin is perfect for those noise reduction specialists looking to add that extra jazz to their images. Having this plugin is highly recommended as it is better than the in built noise reduction.
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  1. Awesome! ive just had a go ov tych panel and perfect effects and they are brilliant! This is really going to save time.

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