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skin retouching tutorial

How Can Frequency Separation Help Us Achieve Smoother Skin?

Retouching Skin In Photoshop One of the most used “features” of Adobe Photoshop is skin retouching or skin smoothing, the tricky part is maintaining high quality texture. Think about it, if i were to add a layer on top of my photograph then paint over the top with a brush, ii would achieve color but […]

smartphone photo tips

Take Better Pictures With Your Smartphone

6 Tricks to make smartphone images pop. I-Phone, Android, HTC, Nokia and all the other smartphone providers may be in fierce competition with each other, as the consumer we will benefit heavily from cheaper higher tech handsets. By higher tech i mean specifically the camera, take the S6 for example , boasting its 16 MP […]

watermark ideas photography

How To Create a Professional Watermark

Why Are Watermarks so Important? Visually watermarks need to be as less intrusive as possible, the idea here is to protect yourself and your images whilst promoting your brand but without ruining the beauty of the image. Follow along with me in the video below and i will show you how to create a custom […]


Un Boxing Acer Aspire E5-571 8GB I7 Laptop & Review

It Has Finally Arrived! Basically i have been using a pretty standard PC to edit videos, create these articles and other numerous projects i am working on. I think the ram is 2 GB and the processor from the 1950s and a graphics card only a Super Nintendo would be proud of. This is no […]

long exposure title

Long Exposure, The Short Way

4 Top Tips For Long Exposure No longer do we have to think of a photograph as a still image, to breathe more life into our images we try new, savvy, creative ways and Long Exposure is one of them. The beauty of it all lies in motion, running water such as a river or […]


Install Plugins Into Photoshop

Installing Topaz Labs Plugins I am going to be doing a few tutorials which utilize plugins, today you can learn where i get my awesome plugins from plus learn how to install plugins into Photoshop. Plugins can be a really handy tool to have as they can be a great time saver for effects, retouching […]

quick cartoon photoshop2

Easy Cartoons In Photoshop

Using Plugins & Filters To Create Cartoon Effects As the Photoshop communities insatiable hunger grows for new and exciting ways to create cartoons easily in Photoshop, i have devised a method using the Topaz Labs plugin to create custom cartoon effects quickly and easily in Photoshop. I have covered this topic before and if you […]


Wood Engraving In Photoshop

Manipulating Wooden Textures Easily Me and a friend have been working on a concept for a new idea, we figured that as it will be wood related ( that’s all i can say really) then we need a logo that is engraved or is interacting with wood in some way to relate to the theme […]

6 photography tips

6 Photography Tricks & Tips For The Photographer At Heart

A large proportion of our readers classify themselves as beginners, professional photographers are always looking for new photography tips too suggesting we have a tendency to always try something once. This article collates a bunch of useful information that even the most seasoned of Photographers may find useful.. Understanding Exposure Image by Pixgood1. What Is […]


The Top 5 Free Photoshop Plugins

Explore & Download Completely FREE Photoshop Plugins Photoshop in all of its glory is difficult even in the eyes of masters, implying we’ve got to seek out new & inventive ways around fickle issues. Guaranteed time eater with no guaranteed results. Here’s some unbelievable free Photoshop plugins to increase productivity and decrease stress levels. ( […]


Add An Image Into Text In Photoshop

Quicksty 60 Second Tutorial With Skandy Adding an image inside of text just got a whole lot easier in Photoshop, using only a few short keyboard commands you can create a clipping mask to crop out the whole of the outside of the text. Also we add some other cool effects to make the image […]

thumbnail interview

Top 5 Photoshop Q & A

We collaborated with Pixelobby.com to bring you this video blog So i decided to go on camera to share some Photoshop tips and tricks, where to find some cool additions to Photoshop and all round general Adobeness. Here i present to you my top 5, Photoshop Questions and answers, let me know if you want […]

cartoon sketch photoshop tutorial

Cartoon Sketch Effect Photoshop

Quicksty 60 Second Photoshop With Skandy. Turn any image into an incredible cartoon sketch in under 60 seconds. This tutorial is great for adding quick effects and getting to grips with Photoshop. It works great both with images of high and average resolution, follow along with me by watching the video below or read through […]

handwritten messages in photoshop tutorial

Real Handwriting In Photoshop

Create Handwritten Messages On Any Surface In Adobe Photoshop Follow along with me in the video below to learn how to super impose text onto surfaces, create easy handwritten messages by warping text and how to utilize Gaussian Blur and layer masking to give our text that real feel. Submit & Get Featured Submit your […]

install fonts photoshop TUTORIAL

How To Install Fonts Into Photoshop

Downloading Fonts, Installing, Then Applying Them Into Photoshop. Firstly i would recommend using DaFont.com as they have a gigantic selection of custom fonts to choose from, i would also recommend having 7zip installed too (links below) Download Free Fonts – DaFont Free Zip Software ( for Windows & Mac ) – 7Zip Submit & Get […]


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