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Mirror an Image In Photoshop

Quicksty 60 Second Photoshop With Skandy

Keyboard shortcuts, Photoshop has hundreds of them and trying to understand what they all are ( nevermind what they mean ) is an emotional mine field only leveled in difficulty by learning a new language... Then trying to navigate a keyboard configured by said language. Learn how to create a mirror image in Photoshop, using only a few quick shortcuts by watching the video with me below, or by following the step by step guide.

Creating a Mirror Image

While in the Photoshop Interface, press Ctrl & n to open a new project, set the dimensions to half the width of the image you are mirroring. Drag and drop the image into Photoshop, hit Ctrl & J to make a duplicate, Ctrl & T for transform and while holding shift click and hold the middle left transform point and drag over to the right hand side. Hit enter and you have completed the mirror image tutorial in Photoshop

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