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Remove Backgrounds From Difficult Edged Images In Photoshop

Since i posted the last tutorial, a couple of people have been struggling to change or remove the background on a difficult edged image so i thought as its an integral part of using Photoshop i’d post a recap with a bit more of an explanation on using Refine Edge. Follow along with the step by step guide below or join in with me by watching the video.

Step 1 – Selecting Our Area With The Quick Selection Tool

Drag and drop the image you are trying to change the background of into Photoshop, create a duplicate by pressing Ctrl & J then choose the quick selection tool. Left click to make a selection of the inside of the image you are trying to crop, the tool will automatically line up with the closest color edge. To make a deselection for then hold Alt on the keyboard and you will see a minus symbol appear. For more rough edges such as long hair or baggy clothes keep the selection over the highest away point so all of the area is selected even if it means keeping in a little bit of the background.

Step 2 – Using Refine Edge To Remove The Background

Once you have your selection finished then click on refine edge in the top panel and set the view to overlay which will show the area to be cropped as pink. Paint around the areas that should be selected pink, trying to do it in one stroke all the way around then choose the settings below TIP: You can change these slightly but this is what i used in the video Smooth - 0 Feather - 0 Contrast - 0 Shift Edge - +35 Press OK, then in the layers panel right click on the newly formed layer, right click, convert to smart image and now you can edit the newly formed image properly. TIP: Don’t forget to save all images without a background as a .PNG file. If you save as JPEG then Photoshop will automatically fill the area with white.

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