remove red eye in photoshop tutorial

How To Photoshop Out Red Eye

Ever looked back at some once in a lifetime photographs only to find out that you have red eye in the image? Most auto red eye removal apps literally blacken out eyes and it can be noticeable especially if it is a working piece for editing. Here we are going to learn how to remove red eye easily and professionally in Adobe Photoshop. Take a look at our written and video step by step tutorials below.

Step 1 – Preparing Our Image

Drag and drop the image you want to remove red eye from into Photoshop then press enter or the check mark to place.

Step 2 – Removing Red Eye

Right click on the spot healing brush tool in and select the plus and eye icon, named the red eye tool. Zoom in to the eyes of the affected person by holding Alt and zooming in by scrolling upwards on the mouse. Draw a square around the red eye affected area, one you have covered the area just let go and Photoshop will automatically remove red eye for you.

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