How To Photoshop Out a Background

Ever wanted to look like you are in mexico? stood in front of the Eiffel tower or with the queen?, people have been looking for an easy way to change a background on an image easily since the dawn of Photoshop Time. The magic wand was great, in its heyday but now we use the quick selection tool and here's how you can too.

Step 1 – Selecting With The Quick Selection Tool

Drag and drop the image you are going to remove the background of into Adobe Photoshop, press Ctrl & J to make a duplicate of the layer then turn the bottom layer off. Choose the quick selection tool and make a selection of the whole of the inside of the image. You will see that the quick selection tool is set to plus as default and to make a deselection, hold Alt & left click. Change the brush size by using [ ] until you have a perfect edge around the inside of the image. Zoom in and out using Alt & Scroll to make sure that the outline is perfect.

Step 2 – Refining The Edges

in the top panel select refine edge, change the overlay to either pink or black depending on the color contrasts. Adjust the smooth, feather, contrast and shift edge to refine the selection. The idea is to have the pink or black background as close as possible to the area we are trying to keep. You can paint in minor details such as hair and refine the edge yourself by painting around the edges of your image. Have the output set to new layer with layer mask, check decontaminate colors set to 100%. Once you are happy, click OK. Bear in mind that if you wish to save a transparent copy of the image then save it as a .PNG file. Saving as a JPEG with a transparent background will result in the background automatically being filled with white.
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