How To Photoshop Artificial Facial Hair

In this Photoshop Tutorial, you can learn how to create custom facial hair. We are going to be creating a brand new brush preset to look like a hair follicle then using brush customization to enhance the effect. Read the step by step guide below or watch the video to learn how.

Step 1 – Drawing Our Guideline Hair

Drag and drop the image you are going to use into Adobe Photoshop, press enter. Double click on the layer to unlock it for editing then press Ctrl & J to make a duplicate. Create a new layer on top then select the brush tool, now if your image already has some sort of facial hair then zoom in and try to re create a single hair follicle based on that. Increase or decrease the brush size using [ ] i would recommend sticking to between 1 & 3 PX depending on the image you are using and the hardness set to 100%. Set the foreground color to black as we can adjust this later on.

Step 2 – Creating Our Hair Follicle Brush Preset

Create a new layer on top and select the rectangular marquee tool, draw a square big enough to fit the hair follicle inside then right click and select fill, fill with white then drag the hair follicle layer on top so it looks like the image pictured right. Right click on the marquee tool selection and choose deselect. Using the Marquee tool again create a square that just about covers the whole hair follicle, select edit, define brush preset and rename to hair brush then hit OK. Next highlight both the hair follicle and white box layers and delete them as we do not need them anymore. Right click the left over selection and choose deselect.
facial hair photoshop

Step 3 – Customizing our Hair Follicle Brush Preset

Click window, brush, to open up the brush preset menu. toggle the Brush Tip Shape, Shape Dynamics, scattering and have smoothing checked. The idea is to create an array of the same hair follicle which scatters around as you paint onto your image. You can test out the adjustments while the brush presets are open then press Ctrl Alt & Z to undo. There is no set way to have these presets as there is no universal beard setting so just play around with it until it roughly suits. I would recommend flipping the X and Y jitter axis so the bush will always paint in the same direction as the brush. If you are still unsure then you can find the presets i used in the video above.

Step 4 – Painting Our Beard Effect

If there is already some facial hair then using the brush tool, hold alt & left click to sample the original beard color and begin to paint in. Try to make it look as real as possible by sampling as many shades as you can creating new layers as you go. If the subject image does not already have facial hair then just have a look online for an image with a beard roughly like the one you are trying to paint and drag and drop it into Photoshop to sample the colors from that image. Also change the brush size using [ ] to make different sized hair follicles.

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