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How to Photoshop a Reflection Into Sunglasses

Make it look like you have the Toronto skyline or New York High Street reflecting in your sunglasses or add a custom reflection to anything in Adobe Photoshop!. Read through the step by step guide below or get some extra tips by following along in the video with me.

Step 1 – Preparing Our Image

Drag and drop the image containing sunglasses into Adobe Photoshop. Drag and drop the reflection image into Photoshop, select the reflection image and use Shift and left click on the corner to re scale in size to roughly the size of our reflection covering the whole lens. Reduce the opacity to get a better idea of what you are doing. Return the opacity to 100%.

Step 2 – Selecting Our Reflection

Hold Ctrl & Select the top two layers, right click, merge layers, make the newly merged layers invisible then select the quick selection tool and make a selection of the sunglasses lens on the background image. Turn on the newly merged layer and select refine edge to make a selection of the sunglasses lens using the following settings. (if you are unsure of how to use the quick selection tool then check out the video to the right to learn how) shift edge -78 contrast 0 feather 0 smooth 0 Hit OK.

Step 3 – Refining Our Sunglasses Reflection Layer

Delete the layer below the new layer and you should now have a reflection effect on the sunglasses, select image, adjustments, curves and adjust the curve either upwards or downwards to create a lighter or darker effect depending on your sunglasses. Image, adjustments, vibrance, increase or decrease or increase the saturation and vibrance depending on your image. Image, adjustments, hue-saturation, change the tint and color of the lens reflection by increasing or decreasing the hue / saturation / lightness sliders. Filter, distort, spherize, use these settings to give the reflection a curved in or out effect by adjusting the amount. This is useful if the sunglasses you are editing are not completely flat.

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