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How To Change Hair Color in Photoshop

Before you go out and buy hair dye, why not see what your hair would look like if you changed the color in Photoshop. Here you can learn a range of techniques to adjusting hair tones. Follow along the step by step guide below or come and change some hair color with me in the video below.

Step 1 – Creating Subtle Hair Color Changes

Create a duplicate of your background layer by having the layer selected and pressing Ctrl & J, add a new adjustment layer and choose selective color. Have the colors set to reds and check relative. Now you are presented with four presets which you can change, these are; Cyan, Magneta Yellow Black Toggling these bars upwards or downwards will allow you to make suttle changes to the hair color easily. You will not be able to completely change from blonde to black for example but varying the settings in selective color will give u a good color range in the lighter spectrum to choose from.

Step 2 – Changing Hair Color to Dark, Rich Colors

Press Ctrl and highlight blue all of the layers we have made so far, press Ctrl G to group the layers and with the group selected click adjustment layer, hue / saturation. Use the eye dropper to select the hair and have the master set to reds, then decrease the saturation to 0. This will turn most of the image sort of black and white. Next add a layer mask and set the foreground color to black, press B for the brush tool, now paint back in the base image excluding the hair. For any hard to reach places decrease the flow to around 20% and select a really soft edged brush to get rid of any contour lines. Spend some time refining this as it is really important to make the image look real. Change to white foreground color to do the opposite. Apply an Adjustment Layer then select Curves to adjust the lights and dark's of the photo, make the photo darker by dragging the bar downwards. We want to make the face as dark as possible so don’t worry about what it does to the rest of the image. Now select your masked layer, hold Alt, left click and hold to grab the layer and drag and drop it onto the Curves layer to apply the mask. At this point the face and body will apply the previous mask but the black in the hair will stay as it was. It will ask to replace layer mask, click yes.

Step 3 – Adding Shine to Our Hair Color

Make a new layer and select the Brush Tool, set the color to white and double click on your layer to open up the Blend If menu. In the Blend If menu hold Alt and drag the right hand black pointer all the way to the right hand side then move the left hand black pointer about a quarter of the way to the right. Now using your brush tool paint in white highlights according to the direction of the light and so on. You could also add brown, blonde or any other highlights by using this message and to adjust the shine levels then go back to Blend Of and change the left hand pointer while holding alt.

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