brick wall portrait photoshop tutorial

Create a Brick Wall Portrait in Photoshop

Create a Brick Wall Portrait in Photoshop Tutorial

Ever wanted to release your artistic side, or make your best side look like wall art? By utilizing Displacement Maps, Filters & Blend options it’ts now possible in Photoshop. Follow along by watching the video with me below, or go old school with the step by step written tutorial.

Step 1 – Creating Our Displacement Map

Drag and drop the image of the wall you are going to use into Adobe Photoshop, select filter, blur, Gaussian blur and set the radius to 3 PX & hit OK. Desaturate by holding Ctrl Shift & U. If it asks you to rasterize click yes. Open levels by pressing Ctrl & L and drag the two end pointers towards the middle to add more contrast between black & white then press OK. Go to file, save as, save as a Photoshop .PSD file on your desktop and rename to displacement.

Step 2 – Adding Our Foreground Image

Drag and drop the original wall image over the top of the displacement map and delete the displacement map layer. Drag and drop the image to add to the wall, bearing in mind that it must be a .PNG image with a transparent background. Of you have an image with a background then remove by using the quick selection tool. If you are unsure of how to use the quick selection tool then watch the video to the right to show you how.

Step 3 – Creating The Posterization Effect

Open the layer style options by double clicking in the layers panel, select stroke, set size to 2 PX and position to outside and hit OK. don't worry if there are any black spots outside of your image we will mask them out later. Press OK. Select filter, filter gallery, in the artistic folder select fresco and use the following settings: Brush Size - 1 Brush Detail - 10 Texture - 1 To mask out the smaller imperfections or black spots, add a layer mask and select the eraser tool. Erase out any small imperfections so you can only see the foreground image alone. Right click on the foreground layer and convert to a smart object, change the blend mode to overlay and decrease the opacity to around 80%.

Step 4 – Adjusting Perspective & Adding The Displacement Map

Press Ctrl & T for transform and move the image more towards the left hand side but not too far off center. Hold shift and drag in the top right corner to decrease the size while maintaining the aspect ratio and position centrally between the top and the bottom of the wall. Click the check mark or hit enter. Select filter, distort, displace. Have the horizontal and vertical scale set to 5 and hit OK and this will load our computer files. Go to your desktop and add the file named displacement. Make a duplicate of the foreground image ( Ctrl & J ) and change the blend mode to soft light, decrease the opacity to around 75% and make a composite snapshot by pressing Ctrl Shift Alt & E. Turn off the bottom 3 layers then on the top layer go to edit, transform, perspective. Grab the bottom left icon and drag it straight downwards to change perspective so the wall is no longer flat.

Step 5 – Adding a Gradient

Create a new layer and select the gradient tool, select the gradient bar and select the 3rd gradient from the left. Choose the bottom left color icon so you should now be able to change the color of the gradient. Select color and change the hexadecimal field to #808080. Hit OK on both windows and hold shift, left click hold and drag from left to right to create the gradient. Change the blend mode to linear burn & you have now completed the transform an image into wall art tutorial in Photoshop.

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