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Combine Images Using Vanishing Point In Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial we are going to learn how to change the shape of an image to make it look like it is actually part of another image, for example hanging a picture on a wall. To do this we are going to be using a Photoshop favorite, vanishing point.

Step 1 – Preparing Our Images

Drag and drop the background image into the Photoshop interface and click the check mark or press enter when you are done. Make a duplicate of the background by holding Ctrl and pressing J, select the top visible layer and go over to file, new, and set the dimensions to fit the image we are trying to add to our background image. Drag and drop then make a copy of the layer by holding Ctrl & J.

Step 2 – Utilizing Vanishing Point

On the original image, select filter then vanishing point. The idea of vanishing point is to make a selection based on the perspective of the image as from an angle straight wall lines will appear diagonal due to line of sight. The reason for the name vanishing point is as per the perspective of our vision, two separating points will meet ( eg two walls in a room ) this is known as the vanishing point. Create four points as per the perspective of the image, once the fourth point has been placed you are looking for the square grid to be blue or yellow for it to be correct. Press Ctrl & V to paste in the image we copied earlier, press Ctrl & T then drag the image to inside of our perspective square. You will now see that vanishing point has stretched the image to fit inside the box we created. Press Ok and now everything is complete.

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