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Cinematic, Gritty Movie Effect In Photoshop

Creating a Cinematic Movie Effect In Photoshop:

If you want dramatic images with a theater like feel, you might be wondering how to create a gritty, authentic looking images. Photoshop is the leading software for the theatres, now it’s our Turn to transform an every day image into a movie cover easily by watching the video tutorial with me, or follow the step by step written guide below.

Step 1 – Adding an Adjustment Layer

Drag and drop the image you are going top use into Adobe Photoshop and press enter, press Ctrl & J to make a duplicate and on the new layer click adjustment layer in the layers panel and select a black & white adjustment layer. The image should now look black and white, adjust the reds slider to the left to add more depth to the reds and the yellows likewise. The idea is to add more depth and contrast between the black and white image. Reduce the opacity to between 60 - 75% then merge the layers down by pressing Ctrl & E.

Step 2 – Adding a High Pass Filter

Duplicate the newly formed layer, select filter, other, high pass, and have the radius set to between 6 - 7 making sure that you can only see the outlines of the image and not too many details. Hit OK and change the blend mode to overlay.

Step 3 – Adding a Color Lookup Adjustment

Now add a color lookup adjustment layer, in the drop down 3DLUT File choose TealOrangePlusContrast3DL. Reduce the Opacity to around 75% and you have completed the gritty cinematic effect in Photoshop.

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