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Change The Color Of Eyes in Photoshop

Photoshop has a colored contact lenses section, using quick masking you can literally change the color of eyes quickly and easily. Check out our step by step guide below or join in with me by watching the video tutorial below.

Step 1 – Preparing our Image

Start by dragging and dropping the image you are going to use into Adobe Photoshop, press Ctrl & J to make a duplicate of the layer. Now choose the quick masking tool ( the camera shaped icon in the left panel ) Press B on the keyboard to select the brush tool and we’re ready to begin changing the eye color.

Step 2 – Creating The Quick Mask

Using the brush tool paint around the pupils of the eye including the black centre. The selection should now show red around the central parts of the subject eye. Choose the rectangular marquee tool, right click on the image, select inverse, right click again, layer via copy. We now have a new layer of only the eye selection we made with the quick mask. Deselect.

Step 3 – Changing The Eye Color

Select image, adjustments, hue/saturation, check colorize for solid colors or have colorize unchecked for a more colorful rainbow like changes. Adjust the hue. saturation and lightness to create the desired eye color. Hit OK. Select image, adjustments, curves and alter the bar in a curved fashion either upwards or downwards. Upwards will increase the lights and vibrancy and downwards with increase the dark's and depth of color.

Step 4 – Adding Dodge To Eyes

Duplicate the layer we have just applied curves and colors to by pressing Ctrl & J and rename it to dodge, now choose the dodge tool and turn down hardness and exposure to around 20% or thereabouts. Draw a semi circle or circle around the central part of the eyes to add finishing touches.

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