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Cartoon Sketch Effect Photoshop

Quicksty 60 Second Photoshop With Skandy.

Turn any image into an incredible cartoon sketch in under 60 seconds. This tutorial is great for adding quick effects and getting to grips with Photoshop. It works great both with images of high and average resolution, follow along with me by watching the video below or read through the brief step by step guide. Happy cartooning!

Creating a Cartoon Sketch Effect In Under 60 Seconds

Drag and drop the image you want to transform into a sketch into Photoshop, press Ctrl & J to make a duplicate of the image. Now we want to make the image black and white so hold Ctrl, Shift & U, to completely desaturate the image. Go over to the layers panel and change the blending mode to color dodge, now to invert the image hold Ctrl & I. Next click filter, other, minimum radius and set the radius to 3 PX. You have just completed the cartoon sketch effect tutorial in Photoshop.

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