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6 Photography Tricks & Tips For The Photographer At Heart

A large proportion of our readers classify themselves as beginners, professional photographers are always looking for new photography tips too suggesting we have a tendency to always try something once. This article collates a bunch of useful information that even the most seasoned of Photographers may find useful..

Understanding Exposure

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1. What Is It?  - 
In photographic terms, exposure is the amount of light which reaches the camera. By varying this, different exposure effects can be achieved.

 Exposure usually refers to or is affected by the camera shutter cycle and achieving the right exposure could be compared to fishing. Whereas the outcome is uncontrollable, and we will always persist for the sheer love of it.  3 factors stay within your grasp: the equipment you use, the time you spend doing it, and the position where you sit. you simply have to be compelled to make sure you do not go home empty handed "underexposure", or you try to reel in a whale, breaking the line and end up missing the opportunity to fish again today "overexposure".

The secret is that there are many angles, shutter speed adjustment and amounts which will help you accomplish this.

So in photography terms, its not always about quantity but quality. Always think before you snap, select the right time of day, check the sunrise and sunset times, take a couple of each shot if you can and collaborate with like minded photographers to share exposure ideas.


Don't Let a Tripod Trip You

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2. What are the common misconceptions?  - In photographic terms, a sturdy hand fails miserably against a sturdy tripod, creating effects such as long exposure is impossible without one and cheap is certainly not cheerful.


If the tripod passes the living room test, ie: a couple of cool shots of the kids on the couch. It doesn't necessarily mean that it will be any use outdoors, remember that some of the best photographers in the world will use bigger tripods as they can sit comfortably in wind, on uneven, wet and generally dodgy ground. It's your pride and joy that is sat on the top of it and for it to fall and bang it's head, well, that is unimaginable. Obviously for new shooters the first big spend will be a camera and make sure the second is a tripod as it opens up a whole new world of opportunity and looks so much more professional.

Live For The Golden Hour

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3. What Is It?  - The period of time when the sun is lower in the sky and shooting with indirect light only is possible.

As the sun is nearest to the horizon the legendary photography golden hour starts to tick down, albeit lasting slightly longer or lesser depending on where you live on mother earth. The golden hour begins when the intensity of direct light is less than during the "middle" period of the day. The indirect light luminosity is what creates the effect coupled with the height of the sun in the sky.

You can always expect much less contrast in your images, really powerful highlights and a greater range of shadows. Plus the glow from the sun can create some really rich color tones.


Three Is The Magic Number

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4. How Does It Work?  - In photographic terms, a compilation of three may that be subjects, colors, or shots always using three or odd  numbers will almost certainly always produce better results.

If you are lucky enough to have continuous drive mode on your camera, then using this instead of single frames is always a must for great shots. By having a multitude of pictures all taken virtually at the same time, you will increase the chances of capturing the desired outcome. Plus you may not have noticed before that an image is blurred and once in editor mode, the moment would have already passed. Take a burst of 3 shots at a time covering as many angles as possible.

By rule of thumb having three is the best way to go but try applying that method to a bride and groom only photo, i'm sure nobody wants to see the mother in law in those.


Get To Grips With Photoshop & Lightroom

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5. How can they help?  - In photographic terms, learning at least the basics of Adobe Photoshop and Light room is essential.


Firstly we specialize in Photoshop and image editing and if you would like to learn online for free then click here. Albeit difficult and strenuous at times there is just so much more that you can do in these two programs than raw image shooting alone. Photoshop especially was built for photographers, image editors and designers alike so getting to grips with it is definitely worth it. Especially while on paid projects, just a small adjustment of curves or adding an action can make the difference between a client recommending you to all of their friends or just being generally happy with the work you did.

Utilize Aperture Mode (AP)

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5. What is It?  - In photographic terms,  on a camera dial, is the preset on photography cameras that allows you to choose a value with the camera selecting an appropriate shutter speed.

Selecting the "A" or "AP" mode on your camera dial lets you access depth of field, the aperture of an image is defined by "F-Stops" you will notice that as the aperture is wider the corresponding number will be lower. To put it into simple terms, wider apertures decrease the depth of the image resulting in the background being blurred out and the front subject clearer.

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